A powerful omnichannel platform built by marketers

We’ve integrated the world’s most powerful channels into the easiest, yet most sophisticated, platform. Everything you need in one spot. Easier than ever.


We are an Omnichannel Engagement platform with inbound and outbound marketing channels that start real consumer conversations to boost ROI. We are the smartest, easiest and most secure platform to get your marketing in the right hands, at the right time and across all the devices your customer is using.

Everything starts with accurate data.

Having accurate data is the core to all successful campaigns. The right data targets the most responsive audience, saves you time and money, and provides you with a more efficient and engaging marketing strategy.

  • Manage data
  • Clean customer records
  • Append missing data
  • Keep your data safe
  • Model data
  • Create look-alike audiences

GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR Audience Everywhere

Start the conversation where they are consuming media, multiple times and across many devices to boost the campaign response.

Measure, track, and analyze campaign performance

We’ve compiled all the stats and reporting you could ever need in one view, so you can easily understand campaign performance and customer activity. Our sleek reporting simplifies and displays multiple views, so you can take a deep dive into each channel's stats, explore customer profiles, and calculate your campaign ROI.

Audience Breakdown

Filter contacts many ways to see who is responding, from where, what their preferences are, and their appended credit details to rank purchase opportunity.

Channel Review

View each channel’s effectiveness and identify consumer channel preferences.

Return On Investment

Easily calculate a campaign’s ROI by quantifying response and engagement.

Marketing that gets smarter over time.

The easiest way to create a strategic build in your marketing is to launch another campaign through DirectMail.io. Discovering the who, what, when, how, and why in each campaign means your marketing is getting smarter and more targeted each time as your data is cleaned and growing. Right people, right time, right place.

Powerful Integrations

Integrate your CRM with our open API.

Security and Privacy Built-in

Keep your data safe by managing everything from one place.

Trusted Partners

We've partnered with the smartest industry leaders: Twilio, Amazon Cloud, Equifax and more.