Comprehensive Reporting

by Renee Collie
January 21, 2019

Tracking your marketing, analyzing results and performance, and understanding the customer cycle is vital for Marketing managers to continuously create messaging that starts conversations and leads to sales. Sounds easy, but most businesses report gathering results from multiple sources is tiresome and rarely comprehensive. 

It can feel like a science, because it is. Having a comprehensive view of marketing metrics allows you to quickly evaluate and deploy another campaign that increases business performance. Without valuable metrics, you just cannot make the most strategic decisions. 

Valuable metrics lead to actionable insights. 

It’s the actionable insights that change the trajectory of marketing success and boost ROI. By gathering and reviewing relevant customer data and detailed channel breakdowns, you can make decisions based on your customers, their behavior and preferences. To do this, we have to have comprehensive metrics that streamline and provide reporting that tells the whole story of a campaign. From first touch or view to a final purchase or store visit, we want to know what and how the customer is moving between their options. 

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Knowing when your customer is ready to buy, how they are communicating with you and gathering valuable insights from them allows continued conversation with targeted messages via their preferred channels. 

How are customers behaving between channels 

Not all campaigns are aiming for a purchase as the end result, but all campaigns need in depth ways to view impressions, conversations and the the level of engagement a customer has gone to determine success outside of strictly sales. Comprehensive marketing metrics provide a single source for all the data to be managed and viewed so regardless of your end goal you have a way to measure.

by Renee Collie
January 21, 2019

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